Freyias Peeling FaceWash

Peeling Face Wash

Introducing our inaugural product from the Freyias brand, the Gentle Peeling Face Wash. This innovative formulation serves as a gentle alternative to traditional scrubbing methods.  It comes in four delightful variants, those infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, charcoal, Milk, and papaya extract.


We proudly present our line of sunscreens. It is known as Freyias Face Shield. At Freyias, we understand the importance of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and the long-term benefits it brings. We have marketed sunscreens in two variants suitable for oily and dry skin as per the skin type of the customers.

Freyias Face Shield
Freyias Shower Gel

Shower Gel

Experience a healthy and hygienic alternative to traditional bar soaps with our range of shower gels. At Freyias, we have developed shower gels that offer a refreshing and effective solution for body cleansing. There are 3 Variants of Shower Gel which are Serenity Sweetener, Eden Bliss & Bubble Kiss.


Freyias Moisturizer Range is launched to provide luxurious hydration. Designed to nourish and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, our moisturizers offer a wide range of options to cater to various skin types and concerns.

Daily Range Face Wash 

Introducing Freyias Daily Range Face Wash, a specially formulated facial cleanser designed for everyday use. With a focus on maintaining healthy and radiant skin, our facewash offers a refreshing cleansing experience that is suitable for all skin types.


Customers get an Unveil clear, balanced, and refreshed skin with Freyias Toner. As an important part of the skin care routine, Freyias launched two variants of toner. Freyias Hydrating Toner & Freyias Tea Tree Toner.

Lip Care 

Introducing LIP GLAM from Freyias, our signature product in the lip care range. Designed to provide luxurious care and nourishment, Lipglam is a must-have for achieving soft, supple, and irresistibly beautiful lips.

Foaming Face Wash

Along with peeling face wash and daily range face wash. We add Foaming Face Wash range in our product line. This variation of face wash helps customers to deep cleansing.