Within our B2B process, we employ a distribution network to deliver our products. Prior to entering this business sector, we identified a significant market void in the availability of genuine products within the Bangladeshi market. Consequently, we made the strategic decision to introduce our own brand across the entire country. own brand throughout the country.

Purple Care Distribution


Since embarking on our journey, our initial focus was capturing the local market. However, over time, we have expanded our reach to include corporate clients as well. As we grow, we are extending our services and offerings to meet the needs of businesses in addition to our local customer base.

Modern Trade

In today’s business landscape, efficient logistics and distribution processes are essential for successful modern trade operations. Our modern trade activities encompass partnerships with various establishments such as supermarket chains, shopping malls, hypermarkets, and more. This involves strategically managing and fulfilling demand across a diverse range of products. demand across a wide range of products.

Online Platforms

Through our online endeavors, we recognized a vast customer base that extended far beyond our initial local reach. Leveraging cost-effective, scalable, and trackable digital marketing techniques, we witnessed remarkable growth in our online presence. This prompted us to establish connections with our customers through our dedicated social media page, marking the inception of our online operation known as “My Aura.”